New Orleans fishing in April is a time of anticipation and excitement for anglers across south Louisiana.

As the warm weather takes over with the flurry of wildlife across the bayou and marshes, anglers from all over set out for that catch of a lifetime.

April 11, 2017

WIth the cold fronts in the rear view mirror, inland, saltwater fishing in Lafitte, Louisiana is officially under way.

Our work was cut out for us in early April due a handful of late cold fronts hitting the New Orleans area.  High winds and not so clear water is not an inland, saltwater anglers’s best friend.  But, with persistence, patience and knowledge of the area, we pulled it off.

While vising New Orleans from Nebraska, Justin was eager to get in on some Redfish action down in Lafitte, Louisiana.  We slammed our limits of Redfish, even though wind conditions remained an issue throughout the day.


April 11, 2017

Mike Kelly and his crew made the trip down to Lafitte to make it a weekend of fishing.

The winds were much more favorable with a little chill before sunrise. But it quickly warmed up to mild temps once the sun came up. The conditions were ideal for landing some Redfish.  Our first day out, we reached our limits of by 2:00 p.m. Our second day out was a repeat, limiting out on Redfish as well.

APRIL 7, 2017


Mike’s Redfish Limits

I‘ve had the pleasure of fishing with Mike before, so he’s no stranger when it comes to fishing in New Orleans.  While visiting New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival, Mike made the short drive down to Lafitte to get in some saltwater fishing.  In no time we reached our Redfish limits.  Since the Redfish were still biting, we caught and released for the rest of the afternoon.

APRIL 6, 2017

Jason & Dustin’s Redfish Limits

Jason and Dustin were eager to reel in some feisty Redfish today. The wind conditions were challenging, with a cold front in the forecsat. We were definitely wearing our jackets before sunrise.  Once the sun came up, it quickly warmed up.  Even though the winds were less than cooperative, we headed back to the dock with our Redfish limits in tow along with seven Speckled Trout.